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April 20, 2014

Application Basics

Application Basics: Foundation

Despite my promise to keep these videos pretty short, this one turned out a bit long since there are just a lot of ways to apply foundation. Take a look at all the different methods, and of course if you have questions feel free to ask! Brushes/tools used: EcoTools Eye Prep & Prime Brush – Real Techniques Stippling Brush – Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush – Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush –  ...

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Application Basics, Guides

Application Basics: Intro

Well, now that the series on all the different products and the basic brush types are finished the next logical step probably has something to do with putting those two things together. Such as, how you actually get the stuff on your face. There’s a ton of ground to cover there so I’m going to keep everything very basic, and of course there’s really no substitute for some old-fashioned practice. But this is something I wish I’d had when I was learning how to do  ...

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