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A Beauty & Fragrance Lover’s Guide to New York City

  Hi everyone! It’s been a minute since the last time I put up a blog post (I swear I’m trying to be better about that) but we were in New York City last week with some friends and it was a little bit of a whirlwind. Joseph had a tattoo appointment to work on his sleeve, so while he was doing that I finally got the opportunity to run around town and work on a post I’ve been pondering on for a while. You’ll be 100% unsurprised to learn that every time I go to a  ...

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Beauty Lover's City Guides, Travel

A Beauty Lover’s Guide to Madrid

  Yes, it’s been a minute since our anniversary trip to Spain! Thing is, I loved every second of it so much – even the ones when it was pouring rain and my shoes were soaked – that I’ve still got it on the brain. In fact, I’m already plotting our next trip to Europe (picture me with an evil grin doing Mr. Burns fingers here). Over the years it seems like we’ve unintentionally made a loose checklist of ‘things to do while traveling’: Eat  ...

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