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Onomie Beauty: Full Line Review & Swatches

  I am SO on board with the whole multi-tasking skincare/makeup movement that’s going on right now. Call it the cool girl look or millennial makeup or whatever you want – I’m calling it a dream come true. Right before my trip to NYC I got the chance to check out a new player on that particular stage, Onomie Beauty. They make a curated line of products that roll makeup and skincare into one. Refreshingly, all the products are scientifically-formulated – no  ...

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Long Term Favorites: Five Years of Blogging

  Can you guys believe it’s been over FIVE YEARS since I started this blog? To be honest I’m a little surprised by that. I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a hobby hopper. I love learning about new things, so it’s not unusual for me to have short-lived projects and then move onto something else. I feel like I’ve really found my passion with blogging though. Not only do I get to combine my loves of writing & photography, it also gives me an outlet  ...

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ArtDeco Beauty Finally Delivers to the USA & I Feel Let Down

  ArtDeco is one of those European makeup brands I’ve been pining for off and on for years. Our friends in Canada have had it for ages, of course, but they don’t have any stockists here as far as I know. How then, did I not realize until a couple weeks ago that their web store now ships to the US? This discovery coincided with a 30% off flash sale on their site, so I took the chance to try out a little bit of something new. Despite all the praise I’ve heard for the  ...

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Fenty Beauty First Impression: This Is The Ultimate Glow

  I’m guessing I probably don’t need to tell you Rihanna came out with a makeup line, but in case you missed the last few days: she did, it’s called Fenty Beauty and the internet is losing its collective sh*t over it. It’s not every day that a brand new full makeup line launches, so yes, I took myself to Sephora to check it out. (Want to see what I got? More on that further down the page) The line is built around the so-called ‘Fenty Face’ – a  ...

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